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2021One Health approach on human seroprevalence of anti-Toxocara antibodies, Toxocara spp. eggs in dogs and sand samples between seashore mainland and island areas of southern BrazilDelai, Ruana Renostro; Aaronson, Ramathan Freitas; Kmetiuk, Louise Bach; Merigueti, Yslla Fernanda Fitz Balo; Ferreira, Isabella Braghin; Lescano, Susana Angélica Zevallos; Gonzáles, William Henry Roldan; Brandão, Ana Pérola Drulla; Barros-Filho, Ivan Roque de; Pettan-Brewer, Christina; Figueiredo, Fabiano Borges; Santos, Andrea Pires dos; Pimpão, Cláudia Turra; Santarém, Vamilton Alvares; Biondo, Alexander Welkeropen accessArticle