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2011The use of microbead-based spoligotyping for Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex to evaluate the quality of the conventional method: providing guidelines for Quality Assurance when working on membranesAbadia, Edgar; Zhang, Jian; Ritacco, Viviana; Kremer, Kristin; Ruimy, Raymond; Rigouts, Leen; Gomes, Harrison Magdinier; Elias, Atiná Ribeiro; Fauville-Dufaux, Maryse; Stoffels, Karolien; Rasolofo-Razanamparany, Voahangy; Garcia de Viedma, Darío; Herranz, Marta; Al-Hajoj, Sahal; Rastogi, Nalin; Garzelli, Carlo; Tortoli, Enrico; Suffys, Philip N.; van Soolingen, Dick; Refrégier, Guislaine; Sola, Christopheopen accessArticle