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2017P2X7 receptor promotes intestinal inflammation in chemically induced colitis and triggers death of mucosal regulatory T cellsFigliuolo, Vanessa R.; Savio, Luiz Eduardo Baggio; Safya, Hanaa; Nanini, Hayandra; Bernardazzi, Cláudio; Abalo, Alessandra; Souza, Heitor S. P. de; Kanellopoulos, Jean; Bobé, Pierre; Coutinho, Cláudia M. L. M.; Silva, Robson Coutinhorestricted accessArticle
2017Sulfate-reducing bacteria stimulate gut immune responses and contribute to inflammation in experimental colitisFigliuolo, Vanessa Ribeiro; Santos, Liliane Martins dos; Abalo, Alessandra; Nanini, Hayandra; Santos, Angela; Brittes, Nilda M.; Bernardazzi, Claudio; Souza, Heitor Siffert Pereira de; Vieira, Leda Quercia; Silva, Robson Coutinho; Coutinho, Claudia Mara Lara Melorestricted accessArticle