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2017Decrease in Dengue virus-2 infection and reduction of cytokine/chemokine production by Uncaria guianensis in human hepatocyte cell line Huh-7Mello, Cíntia da Silva; Valente, Ligia Maria Marino; Wolff, Thiago; Lima Junior, Raimundo Sousa; Fialho, Luciana Gomes; Marinho, Cintia Ferreira; Azeredo, Elzinandes Leal; Pinto, Luzia Maria Oliveira; Pereira, Rita de Cássia Alves; Siani, Antonio Carlos; Kubelka, Claire Fernandesopen accessArticle
2013Uncaria tomentosa alkaloidal fraction reduces paracellular permeability, IL-8 and NS1 production on human microvascular endothelial cells infected with Dengue virusLima Junior, Raimundo Sousa; Mello, Cintia da Silva; Siani, Antonio Carlos; Valente, Ligia M. Marino; Kubelka, Claire Fernandesopen accessArticle