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2018HIV Infection Is Not Associated With Aortic Stiffness. Traditional Cardiovascular Risk Factors Are the Main Determinants—Cross-sectional Results of INI-ELSA-BRASILMoreira, Rodrigo C.; Mill, José G.; Grinsztejn, Beatriz; Veloso, Valdilea; Fonseca, Maria de Jesus; Griep, Rosane H.; Bensenor, Isabela; Cardoso, Sandra W.; Lotufo, Paulo; Chor, Dora; Pacheco, Antonio G.; INI ELSA BRASILrestricted accessArticle
2016HIV Infection Is Not Associated with Carotid Intima-Media Thickness in Brazil: A Cross-Sectional Analysis from the INI/ELSA-Brasil StudyPacheco, Antonio G.; Grinsztejn, Beatriz; Fonseca, Maria de Jesus M. da; Griep, Rosane Härter; Lotufo, Paulo; Bensenor, Isabela; Mill, José G.; Moreira, Rodrigo de C.; Moreira, Ronaldo I.; Friedman, Ruth K.; Oliveira, Marilia Santini; Cardoso, Sandra W.; Veloso, Valdiléa G.; Chor, Dóraopen accessArticle
2018Prediction of Liver Steatosis Applying a New Score in Subjects from the Brazilian Longitudinal Study of Adult HealthPerazzo, Hugo; Benseñor, Isabela; Mill, José Geraldo; Pacheco, Antônio G; Fonseca, Maria de Jesus Mendes; Griep, Rosane Härter; Lotufo, Paulo; Chor, Dorarestricted accessArticle
2015Traditional risk factors are more relevant than HIV-specific ones for carotid intima-media thickness (cIMT) in a Brazilian cohort of HIV-infected patientsPacheco, Antonio G; Grinsztejn, Beatriz; Fonseca, Maria de Jesus M; Moreira, Ronaldo I; Veloso, Valdiléa G; Friedman, Ruth K; Santini-Oliveira, Marilia; Cardoso, Sandra W; Falcão, Melissa; Mill, José G; Bensenor, Isabela; Lotufo, Paulo; Chor, Dóraopen accessArticle
2018Variabilidade pressórica e perfil de risco cardiovascular no ELSA-BrasilZarife, André Sant&Lsquo;Anna; Mill, José Geraldo; Lotufo, Paulo; Griep, Rosane Harter; Fonseca, Maria de Jesus Mendes da; Almeida, Maria da Conceição Chagas de; Matos, Sheila Maria Alvim de; Maia, Helena Fraga; Aras, Roqueopen accessPapers presented at events