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2012Performance of LBSap Vaccine after Intradermal Challenge with L. infantum and Saliva of Lu. longipalpis: Immunogenicity and Parasitological EvaluationRoatt, Bruno Mendes; Soares, Rodrigo Dian de Oliveira Aguiar; Souza, Juliana Vitoriano; Vital, Wendel Coura; Braga, Samuel Leôncio; Oliveira, Rodrigo Corrêa de; Martins Filho, Olindo Assis; Carvalho, Andréa Teixeira de; Lana, Marta de; Gontijo, Nelder de Figueiredo; Marques, Marcos José; Giunchetti, Rodolfo Cordeiro; Reis, Alexandre Barbosaopen accessArticle
2014Shotgun proteomics to unravel the complexity of the Leishmaniainfantum exoproteome and the relative abundance of its constituentBraga, Micheline Soares; Neves, Leandro Xavier; Campos, Jonatan Marques; Roatt, Bruno Mendes; Rodrig Soares, o Dian de Oliveira Aguiar; Braga, Samuel Leôncio; Resende, Daniela de Melo; Reis, Alexandre Barbosa; Borges, William Castrorestricted accessArticle