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2018Activated dendritic cells modulate proliferation and differentiation of human myoblastsLadislau, Leandro; Portilho, Débora M.; Courau, Tristan; Solares-Pérez, Alhondra; Negroni, Elisa; Lainé, Jeanne; Klatzmann, David; Bonomo, Adriana; Allenbach, Yves; Benveniste, Olivier; Riederer, Ingo; Savino, Wilson; Mouly, Vincent; Butler-Browne, Gillian; Benjamim, Claudia accessArticle
2015CD49d is a disease progression biomarker and a potential target for immunotherapy in Duchenne muscular dystrophyMariz, Fernanda Pinto; Carvalho, Luciana Rodrigues; Araujo, Alexandra Prufer De Queiroz Campos; Mello, Wallace De; Ribeiro, Márcia Gonçalves; Cunha, Maria Do Carmo Soares Alves; Cabello, Pedro Hernan; Riederer, Ingo; Negroni, Elisa; Desguerre, Isabelle; Veras, Mariana; Yada, Erica; Allenbach, Yves; Benveniste, Olivier; Voit, Thomas; Mouly, Vincent; Barbosa, Suse Dayse Silva; Butler-Browne, Gillian; Savino, Wilsonopen accessArticle
2012Cholesterol depletion by methyl-β-cyclodextrin enhances cell proliferation and increases the number of desmin-positive cells in myoblast culturesPortilho, Débora M.; Soares, Carolina P.; Morrot, Alexandre; Thiago, Leandro S.; Butler-Browne, Gillian; Savino, Wilson; Costa, Manoel L.; Mermelstein, Cláudiarestricted accessArticle
2010Differential integrin expression by T lymphocytes: potential role in DMD muscle damageMariz, Fernanda Pinto; Carvalho, Luciana Rodrigues; Mello, Wallace de; Araújo, Alexandra de Queiroz Campos; Ribeiro, Márcia Gonçalves; Cunha, Maria do Carmo Soares Alves; Voit, Thomas; Butler-Browne, Gillian; Barbosa, Suse Dayse Silva; Savino, Wilsonrestricted accessArticle
2015miRNA Expression in Control and FSHD Fetal Human Muscle BiopsiesPortilho, Débora Morueco; Alves, Marcelo Ribeiro; Kratassiouk, Gueorgui; Roche, Stéphane; Magdinier, Frédérique; Santana, Eliane Corrêa de; Polesskaya, Anna; Harel-Bellan, Annick; Mouly, Vincent; Savino, Wilson; Butler-Browne, Gillian; Dumonceaux, Julieopen accessArticle
2014Predictive markers of clinical outcome in the GRMD dog model of Duchenne muscular dystrophyBarthélémy, Inês; Mariz, Fernanda Pinto; Yada, Erica; Desquilbet, Loïc; Savino, Wilson; Barbosa, Suse Dayse Silva; Faussat, Anne-Marie; Mouly, Vincent; Voit, Thomas; Blot, Stéphane; Butler-Browne, Gillianopen accessArticle
2012Proinflammatory macrophages enhance the regenerative capacity of human myoblasts by modifying their kinetics of proliferation and differentiationBencze, Maximilien; Negroni, Elisa; Vallese, Denis; Yacoub-Youssef, Houda; Chaouch, Soraya; Wolff, Annie; Aamiri, Ahmed; Di Santo, James P.; Chazaud, Bénédicte; Butler-Browne, Gillian; Savino, Wilson; Mouly, Vincent; Riederer, Ingorestricted accessArticle
2012Slowing down differentiation of engrafted human myoblasts into immunodeficient mice correlates with increased proliferation and migrationRiederer, Ingo; Negroni, Elisa; Bencze, Maximilien; Wolff, Annie; Aamiri, Ahmed; Di Santo, James P.; Barbosa, Suse D. Silva; Butler-Browne, Gillian; Savino, Wilson; Mouly, Vincentrestricted accessArticle
2009β-hydroxy-β-methylbutyrate (HMB) stimulates myogenic cell proliferation, differentiation and survival via the MAPK/ERK and PI3K/Akt pathwaysKornasio, Reut; Riederer, Ingo; Butler-Browne, Gillian; Mouly, Vincent; Uni, Zehava; Halevy, Ornarestricted accessArticle