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2017HIV testing and the care continuum among transgender women: population estimates from Rio de Janeiro, BrazilJalil, Emilia M; Wilson, Erin C; Luz, Paula M; Velasque, Luciane; Moreira, Ronaldo I; Castro, Cristiane V; Monteiro, Laylla; Garcia, Ana Cristina F; Cardoso, Sandra W; Coelho, Lara E; McFarland, Willi; Liu, Albert Y; Veloso, Valdilea G; Buchbinder, Susan; Grinsztejn, Beatrizopen accessArticle
2017Hospitalization rates, length of stay and in-hospital mortality in a cohort of HIV infected patients from Rio de Janeiro, BrazilCoelho, Lara E; Ribeiro, Sayonara R; Veloso, Valdilea G; Grinsztejn, Beatriz; Luz, Paula Mrestricted accessArticle
2018Obesity following ART initiation is common and influenced by both traditional and HIV-/ART-specific risk factorsBakal, David R; Coelho, Lara E; Luz, Paula M; Clark, Jesse L; De Boni, Raquel B; Cardoso, Sandra W; Veloso, Valdilea G; Lake, Jordan E; Grinsztejn, Beatrizrestricted accessArticle