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2014An Orthology-Based Analysis of Pathogenic Protozoa Impacting Global Health: An Improved Comparative Genomics Approach with Prokaryotes and Model Eukaryote OrthologsCuadrat, Rafael R. C; Cruz, Sérgio Manuel da Serra; Tschoeke, Diogo Antônio; Silva, Edno; Tosta, Frederico; Jucá, Henrique; Jardim, Rodrigo; Campos, Maria Luiza M; Mattoso, Marta; Dávila, Alberto M. Rrestricted accessArticle
2014Towards a Comprehensive Search of Putative Chitinases Sequences in Environmental Metagenomic DatabasesDumaresq, Aline S. Romão; Fróes, Adriana M; Cuadrat, Rafael R. C; Silva Jr., Floriano Paes; D`Avila, Alberto M. Ropen accessArticle