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2014Distinct Leishmania Species Infecting Wild Caviomorph Rodents (Rodentia: Hystricognathi) from BrazilPires, Renata Cássia; Boité, Mariana C; D`Andrea, Paulo S; Herrera, Heitor M; Cupolillo, Elisa; Jansen, Ana Maria; Roque, André Luiz Ropen accessArticle
2015A new acanthocephalan species (Archiacanthocephala: Oligacanthorhynchidae) from cerdocyon thous, a crab-eating fox in the Brazilian Pantanal WetlandsGomes, Ana Paula N; Olifiers, Natalie; Souza, Joyce G. R; Barbosa, Helene S; D`Andrea, Paulo S; Maldonado Jr., Arnaldorestricted accessArticle