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20141,10-Phenanthroline Inhibits the Metallopeptidase Secreted by Phialophora verrucosa and Modulates its Growth, Morphology and DifferentiationGranato, Marcela Queiroz; Massapust, Priscila de Araújo; Rozenthal, Sonia; Alviano, Celuta Sales; Santos, André Luis Souza dos; Kneipp, Lucimar Ferreirarestricted accessArticle
20171,10-Phenanthroline-5,6-Dione-Based Compounds Are Effective in Disturbing Crucial Physiological Events of Phialophora verrucosaGranato, Marcela Queiroz; Gonçalves, Diego de Souza; Seabra, Sergio Henrique; McCann, Malachy; Devereux, Michael; Santos, André Luis Souza dos; Kneipp, Lucimar Ferreiraopen accessArticle