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2014Detection of virulence genes in environmental strains of vibrio cholerae from estuaries in Northeastern BrazilMenezes, Francisca Gleire Rodrigues de; Neves, Soraya da Silva; Sousa, Oscarina Viana de; Vila-Nova, Candida Machado Veira Maia; Maggioni, Rodrigo; Theophilo, Grace Nazareth Diogo; Hofer, Ernesto; Vieira, Regine Helena Silva dos Fernandesopen accessArticle
2018Genotypic assessment of a dichotomous key to identify Vibrio coralliilyticus, a coral pathogenMenezes, Francisca Gleire R.; Barbosa, Wescley E.; Vasconcelos, Lorrana S.; Rocha, Rafael S.; Maggioni, Rodrigo; Sousa, Oscarina V.; Hofer, Ernesto; Vieira, Regine H. S. F.restricted accessArticle
2011Kanagawa-negative, tdh- and trh-positive Vibrio parahaemolyticus isolated from fresh oysters marketed in Fortaleza, BrazilVieira, Regine H. S. F.; Costa, Renata A.; Menezes, Francisca G. R.; Silva, Giselle C.; Theophilo, Grace N. D.; Rodrigues, Dália P.; Maggioni, Rodrigorestricted accessArticle