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2014HIV+ Men Need Reproductive Counseling Too: Assessing Childbearing Goals and Provider Communication Among HIV+ Male Patients in Rio de Janeiro, BrazilKessler, Sarah Finocchario; Bastos, Francisco Inácio Pinkusfeld Monteiro; Malta, Monica; Neilane, Bertoni; Hanif, Homaira; Kerrigan, Deannaopen accessArticle
2020The 2019-nCoV pandemic in the global south: a tsunami aheadMalta, Monica; Rimoin, Anne W.; Hoff, Nicole A.; Strathdee, Steffanie accessArticle
2020The coronavirus 2019-nCoV epidemic: Is hindsight 20/20?Malta, Monica; Rimoin, Anne W.; Strathdee, Steffanie accessArticle
2014The paradigm of universal access to HIV-treatment and human rights violation: how do we treat HIV-positive people who use drugs?Malta, Monica; Costa, Michelle Ralil da; Bastos, Francisco Inácio Pinkusfeld Monteiroopen accessArticle