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2010Differential integrin expression by T lymphocytes: potential role in DMD muscle damageMariz, Fernanda Pinto; Carvalho, Luciana Rodrigues; Mello, Wallace de; Araújo, Alexandra de Queiroz Campos; Ribeiro, Márcia Gonçalves; Cunha, Maria do Carmo Soares Alves; Voit, Thomas; Butler-Browne, Gillian; Barbosa, Suse Dayse Silva; Savino, Wilsonrestricted accessArticle
2017HGF potentiates extracellular matrix-driven migration of human myoblasts: involvement of matrix metalloproteinases and MAPK/ERK pathwayGonzález, Mariela Natacha; Mello, Wallace de; Butler-Browne, Gillian S.; Barbosa, Suse Dayse Silva; Mouly, Vincent; Savino, Wilson; Riederer, Ingoopen accessArticle
2008Human myoblast engraftment is improved in laminin-enriched microenvironmentBarbosa, Suse D. Silva; Butler-Browne, Gillian S.; Mello, Wallace de; Riederer, Ingo; Di Santo, James P.; Savino, Wilson; Mouly, Vincentrestricted accessArticle