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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)CopyrightType
2014DNA-based Identification and Descriptions of Immatures of Kempnyia Klapálek (Insecta:Plecoptera) from Macaé River Basin, Rio de Janeiro State, BrazilCapistrano, Fernanda Avelino; Nessimian, Jorge Luiz; Santos-Mallet, Jacenir R.; Takiya, Daniela Maedaopen accessArticle
2009Effects of Small Dams on the Benthic Community of Streams in an Atlantic Forest Area of Southeastern BrazilAlmeida, Erick Frota; Oliveira, Renata Bley; Mugnai, Riccardo; Nessimian, Jorge Luiz; Baptista, Darcílio Fernandesopen accessArticle
2013Kempnyia puri, a new species of Perlidae (Plecoptera) from Rio de Janeiro, BrazilSilva, Fernanda Avelino Capistrano da; Souza, Marcia Regina de; Nessimian, Jorge Luizrestricted accessArticle
2014Novos registros da fauna de Plecoptera (Insecta) para o Estado do Espírito Santo, BrasilCapistrano, Fernanda Avelino; Nessimian, Jorge Luizopen accessArticle