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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)CopyrightType
2015Adherence and virulence genes of Escherichia coli from children diarrhoea in the Brazilian Amazon.Matos, Najla Benevides; Pieri, Fabio A.; Penatti, Marilene; Orlandi, Patrícia accessArticle
2012Rotavirus genotyping in gastroenteritis cases of an infantile population from Western Brazilian AmazoniaCosta, Maria Sandra Moura; Nogueira, Paulo Afonso; Magalhães, Gleicienne Félix; Taquita, Paula; Mariúba, Luis André; Penatti, Marilene; Orlandi, Patrícia Puccinelliopen accessArticle
2015The prevalence of norovirus, astrovirus and adenovirus infections among hospitalised children with acute gastroenteritis in Porto Velho, state of Rondônia, western Brazilian AmazonAmaral, Maria Sandra Costa; Estevam, Grecy Kelli; Penatti, Marilene; Lafontaine, Roger; Lima, Ian Carlos Gomes; Spada, Paula Katharine Pontes; Gabbay, Yvone Benchimol; Matos, Najla Benevidesopen accessArticle