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2016Genotyping and Descriptive Proteomics of a Potential Zoonotic Canine Strain of Giardia duodenalis, Infective to MiceCoelho, Camila Henriques; Costa, Adriana Oliveira; Silva, Ana Carolina Carvalho; Pucci, Maíra Mazzoni; Serufo, Angela Vieira; Busatti, Haendel Goncalves Nogueira Oliveira; Durigan, Maurício; Perales, Jonas; Chapeaurouge, Alex; Silva, Daniel Almeida da Silva e; Gomes, Maria Aparecida; Toledo, Juliano Simões; Singer, Steven M.; Pereira, Rosiane A. Silva; Fernandes, Ana Paulaopen accessArticle
2014Schistosoma mansoni antigens recognized by serological-proteomic approach as potentially able to distinguish the clinical status of endemic area residentsLudolf, Fernanda; Rodrigues, Isabela A.; Oliveira, Rodrigo Corrêa; Gazzinelli, Andréa; Falcone, Franco H.; Pereira, Rosiane A. Silva; Oliveira, Guilherme accessPapers presented at events