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2018Promising approach to reducing Malaria transmission by ivermectin: Sporontocidal effect against Plasmodium vivax in the South American vectors Anopheles aquasalis and Anopheles darlingiPinilla, Yudi Tatiana; Lopes, Stefanie Costa Pinto; Sampaio, Vanderson Souza; Andrade, Francys S.; Melo, Gisely Cardoso de; Orfanó, Alessandra da Silva; Secundino, Nagila Francinete Costa; Guerra, Maria das Graças Vale Barbosa; Lacerda, Marcus Vinícius Guimarães de; Kobylinski, Kevin C.; Escobedo-Vargas, Karin S.; Lopez-Sifuentes, Victor M.; Stoops, Craig A.; Baldeviano, G. Christian; Tarning, Joel; Vasquez, Gissella M.; Pimenta, Paulo Filemon Paolucci; Monteiro, Wuelton Marceloopen accessArticle
2017What does not kill it makes it weaker: effects of sub-lethal concentrations of ivermectin on the locomotor activity of Anopheles aquasalisSampaio, Vanderson de Souza; Rivas, Gustavo Bueno da Silva; Kobylinski, Kevin; Pinilla, Yudi Tatiana; Pimenta, Paulo Filemon Paolluci; Lima, José Bento Pereira; Bruno, Rafaela Vieira; Lacerda, Marcus Vinícius Guimarães; Monteiro, Wuelton Marceloopen accessArticle