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2012Association of IL-10, IL-4, and IL-28B gene polymorphisms with spontaneous clearance of hepatitis C virus in a population from Rio de JaneiroRamos, Juliene Antonio; Silva, Rosane; Hoffmann, Luísa; Ramos, Ana Lucia Araújo; Cabello, Pedro Hernan; Urményi, Turán Péter; Nogueira, Cristiane Alves Vilella; Lewis-Ximenez, Lia; Rondinelli, Edsonopen accessArticle
2012Fatores genéticos e imunológicos que afetam o desenvolvimento da forma cardíaca na infecção pelo Trypanosoma cruziArnez, Lucia Elena Alvaradorestricted accessDissertation
2015Polymorphisms in IL-10 and INF-γ genes are associated with early atherosclerosis in coronary but not in carotid arteries: A study of 122 autopsy cases of young adultsEsperança, José Carlos P.; Miranda, William R. R.; B. Netto, José; Lima, Fabiane S.; Baumworcel, Leonardo; Chimelli, Leila; Silva, Rosane; Ürményi, Turán P.; Cabello, Pedro H.; Rondinelli, Edson; Faffe, Débora S.restricted accessArticle
2012Polymorphisms upstream of the melanocortin-1 receptor coding region are associated with human pigmentation variation in a Brazilian populationNeitzke-Montinelli, Vanessa; Urmenyi, Turan P.; Rondinelli, Edson; Cabello, Pedro Hernan; Silva, Rosane; Moura Neto, Rodrigo S.restricted accessArticle