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2018Genetic Clustering of Tuberculosis in an Indigenous Community of BrazilSacchi, Flávia Patussi Correia; Tatara, Mariana Bento; Lima, Camila Camioli de; Silva, Liliane Ferreia da; Cunha, Eunice Atsuko; Simonsen, Vera; Ferrazoli, Lucilaine; Gomes, Harrison Magdinier; Vasconcellos, Sidra Ezidio Gonçalves; Suffys, Philip Noel; Andrews, Jason R.; Croda, Juliorestricted accessArticle
2015Prisons as reservoir for community transmission of tuberculosis, BrazilSacchi, Flávia Patussi Correia; Praça, Renata Marrona; Tatara, Mariana Bento; Simonsen, Vera; Ferrazoli, Lucilaine; Croda, Mariana Trinidad Ribeiro da Costa Garcia; Suffys, Philip Noel; Ko, Albert Icksang; Andrews, Jason R; Croda, Julio Henrique Rosaopen accessArticle
2013Sugar cane manufacturing is associated with tuberculosis in an indigenous population in BrazilSacchi, Flávia Patussi Correia; Croda, Mariana Garcia; Estevan, Anderson Oliveira; Ko, Albert Icksang; Croda, Julio Henrique Rosaopen accessArticle