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2003Antibodies to Schistosoma mansoni in human cerebrospinal fluidSantos, Isis Fernandes Magalhães; Lemaire, Denise Carneiro; Andrade Filho, Antonio de Souza; Queiroz, Aristides Cheto de; Carvalho, Otavio Augusto Moreno; Carmo, Theomira Mauadie de Azevedo; Siqueira, Isadora Cristina de; Andrade, Débora M; Rego, Michely F; Guedes, Ana Paula Torres; Reis, Mitermayer Galvão dosopen accessArticle
2002Fibrogenesis and collagen resorption in the heart and skeletal muscle of Calomys callosus experimentally infected with Trypanosoma cruzi: immunohistochemical identification of extracellular matrix components.Santos, Isis Fernandes Magalhães; Lima, Elianita Suzart de; Andrade, Sonia Gumesopen accessArticle
1999Immunochemotherapy with interferon-gamma and multidrug therapy for multibacillary leprosy.Barral Netto, Manoel; Santos, S; Santos, Isis Fernandes Magalhães; Von Sohsten, R. L; Bittencourt, Achilea Candida Lisboa; Carvalho Filho, Edgar Marcelino; Barral, Aldina Maria Prado; Waters, Mopen accessArticle
2003Immunological basis of septal fibrosis of the liver in Capillaria hepatica-infected rats.Lemos, Queli Teixeira; Santos, Isis Fernandes Magalhães; Andrade, Zilton de Araújoopen accessArticle
2004Infection of Calomys callosus (Rodentia Cricetidae) with Strains of different Trypanosoma cruzi biodemes: pathogenicity, histotropism, and fibrosis induction.Santos, Isis Fernandes Magalhães; Souza, Márcia Maria de; Lima, Carolina Silva Costa; Andrade, Sonia Gumesopen accessArticle
2008Influence of the HLA-DQB1*0201 allele on the immune response in a Schistosoma mansoni infection.Reis, Eliana Almeida Gomes; Athanazio, Daniel Abensur; McBride, Alan John Alexander; Carmo, Theomira Mauadie de Azevedo; Santos, Isis Fernandes Magalhães; Harn Junior, Donald A; Reis, Mitermayer Galvão dosopen accessArticle
2005Participation of cytokines in the necrotic-inflammatory lesions in the heart and skeletal muscles of Calomys callosus infected with Trypanosoma cruziSantos, Isis Fernandes Magalhães; Andrade, Sonia Gumesopen accessArticle
2007Pseudotumoral Form of Neuroschistosomiasis: Report of Three CasesAndrade Filho, Antonio de Souza; Queiroz, Aristides Cheto de; Freire, Antonio C. C.; Lima, Leonardo Conrado S.; Filho, Celso A. S.; Amado, Isolda N.; Reis, Mitermayer Galvão dos; Santos, Isis Fernandes Magalhães; Carmo, Theomira Mauadie de Azevedoopen accessArticle
2003Treatment with benznidazole in association with immunosuppressive drugs in mice chronically infected with Trypanosoma cruzi: investigation into the possible development of neoplasias.Andrade, Sonia Gumes; Mesquita, Igor Marcelo Oliveira; Jambeiro, Jamile F.; Santos, Isis Fernandes Magalhães; Portella, Renata Siqueiraopen accessArticle