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2014Azithromycin is able to control Toxoplasma gondii infection in human villous explantsFilice, Letícia de Souza Castro; Barbosa, Bellisa de Freitas; Angeloni, Mariana Bodini; Silva, Neide Maria da; Gomes, Angelica de Oliveira; Alves, Celene M. O. S.; Silva, Deise Aparecida de Oliveira; Martins Filho, Olindo Assis; Santos, Maria C.; Mineo, Jose Roberto; Ferro, Eloisa Amalia Vieiraopen accessArticle
2013Differential apoptosis in BeWo cells after infection with highly (RH) or moderately (ME49) virulent strains of Toxoplasma gondii is related to the cytokine profile secreted, the death receptor Fas expression and phosphorylated ERK1/2 expressionAngeloni, Mariana Bodini; Guirelli, Pamela Mendonça; Franco, Priscila Silva; Barbosa, Bellisa de Freitas; Gomes, Angelica de Oliveira; Castro, Andressa da Silva; Silva, Neide Maria da; Martins Filho, Olindo Assis; Mineo, Tiago Wilson Patriarca; Silva, Deise Aparecida de Oliveira; Mineo, Jose Roberto; Ferro, Eloisa Amália Vieirarestricted accessArticle