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2013Age-Dependent Effects of Oral Infection with Dengue Virus on Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae) Feeding Behavior, Survival, Oviposition Success and FecunditySylvestre, Gabriel; Gandini, Mariana; Freitas, Rafael Maciel deopen accessArticle
2015Contrasting genetic structure between mitochondrial and nuclear markers in the dengue fever mosquito from Rio de Janeiro: implications for vector controlRasic, Gordana; Schama, Renata; Powell, Rossana; Freitas, Rafael Maciel de; Endersby-Harshman, Nancy M.; Filipovic, Igor; Sylvestre, Gabriel; Máspero, Renato C.; Hoffmann, Ary accessArticle
2019Matching the genetics of released and local Aedes aegypti populations is critical to assure Wolbachia invasionGarcia, Gabriela de Azambuja; Sylvestre, Gabriel; Aguiar, Raquel; Costa, Guilherme Borges da; Martins, Ademir Jesus; Lima, José Bento Pereira; Petersen, Martha T.; Oliveira, Ricardo Lourenço de; Shadbolt, Marion F.; Rašić, Gordana; Hoffmann, Ary A.; Villela, Daniel A. M.; Dias, Fernando B. S.; Dong, Yi; O'Neill, Scott L.; Moreira, Luciano A.; Freitas, Rafael Macie deopen accessArticle
2018Model-based inference from multiple dose, time course data reveals Wolbachia effects on infection profiles of type 1 dengue virus in Aedes aegyptiMaior, Caetano Souto; Sylvestre, Gabriel; Dias, Fernando Braga Stehling; Gomes, Gabriela; Freitas, Rafael Maciel deopen accessArticle
2014Preliminary evaluation on the efficiency of the kit Platelia Dengue NS1 Ag-ELISA to detect dengue virus in dried Aedes aegypti: a potential tool to improve dengue surveillanceSylvestre, Gabriel; Gandini, Mariana; Araújo, Josélio M. G. de; Kubelka, Claire F; Oliveira, Ricardo Lourenço de; Freitas, Rafael Maciel deopen accessArticle
2013The Influence of Dengue Virus Serotype-2 Infection on Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae) Motivation and Avidity to Blood FeedFreitas, Rafael Maciel de; Sylvestre, Gabriel; Gandini, Mariana; Koella, Jacob accessArticle
2014Undesirable Consequences of Insecticide Resistance following Aedes aegypti Control Activities Due to a Dengue OutbreakFreitas, Rafael Maciel de; Avendanho, Fernando Campos; Santos, Rosangela; Sylvestre, Gabriel; Araújo, Simone Costa; Lima, José Bento Pereira; Martins, Ademir Jesus; Coelho, Giovanni Evelim; Valle, Deniseopen accessArticle
2018Zika Virus Infection Produces a Reduction on Aedes aegypti Lifespan but No Effects on Mosquito Fecundity and Oviposition SuccessSilveira, Isabella Dias da; Petersen, Martha Thieme; Sylvestre, Gabriel; Garcia, Gabriela Azambuja; David, Mariana Rocha; Pavan, Márcio Galvão; Freitas, Rafael Maciel deopen accessArticle