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2011Morphological and physiological changes in Leishmania promastigotes induced by yangambin, a lignan obtained from Ocotea duckeiMonte Neto, Rubens L.; Sousa, Louisa M. A.; Dias, Celidarque S.; Barbosa Filho, José M.; Oliveira, Márcia R.; Figueiredo, Regina C. B. Q.restricted accessArticle
2000Yangambin, a lignan obtained from Ocotea duckei, differentiates putative PAF receptor subtypes in the gastrointestinal tract of ratsMorais, Christina Maria Queiroz de Jesus; Assis, Edson Fernandes; Cordeiro, Renato S. B.; Barbosa Filho, José Maria; Lima, Wothan T.; Silva, Zilma L.; Bozza, Patricia Torres; Faria Neto, Hugo Caire de Castroopen accessArticle