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2010Modeling disease vector occurrence when detection is imperfect: infestation of Amazonian Palm Trees by Triatomine Bugs at Three Spatial ScalesAbad-Franch, Fernando; Ferraz, Gonçalo; Campos, Ciro; Palomeque, Francisco S.; Grijalva, Mario J.; Aguilar, Hugo Marcelo; Miles, Michael accessArticle
2015Mosquito-disseminated pyriproxyfen yields high breeding-site coverage and boosts Juvenile mosquito mortality at the neighborhood scaleAbad-Franch, Fernando; Perea, Elvira Zamora; Ferraz, Gonçalo; Torres, Samael D. Padilla; Luz, Sérgio L. accessArticle
2010Research needs for Chagas disease preventionAbad-Franch, Fernando; Santos, Walter S.; Schofield, Christopher J.restricted accessArticle
2009Ecology, evolution, and the long-term surveillance of vector-borne Chagas disease: a multi-scale appraisal of the tribe Rhodniini (Triatominae)Abad-Franch, Fernando; Monteiro, Fernando Araujo; O., Nicolás Jaramillo; Goncalves, Rodrigo Gurgel; Dias, Fernando Braga Stehling; Diotaiuti, Liléia Gonçalvesopen accessArticle
2007Biogeography and evolution of Amazonian triatomines (Heteroptera: Reduviidae): implications for Chagas disease surveillance in humid forest ecoregionsAbad-Franch, Fernando; Monteiro, Fernando Araujoopen accessArticle
2005Molecular research and the control of Chagas disease vectorsAbad-Franch, Fernando; Monteiro, Fernando Araujoopen accessArticle
2007Chagas disease in the Amazon RegionAguilar, Hugo Marcelo; Abad-Franch, Fernando; Dias, João Carlos Pinto; Angela Junqueira, Cristina Veríssimo; Coura, José Rodriguesopen accessArticle
2014All That Glisters Is Not Gold: Sampling-Process Uncertainty in Disease-Vector Surveys with False-Negative and False-Positive DetectionsAbad-Franch, Fernando; Valença-Barbosa, Carolina; Sarquis, Otília; Lima, Marli accessArticle
2013Phylogeographic Pattern and Extensive Mitochondrial DNA Divergence Disclose a Species Complex within the Chagas Disease Vector Triatoma dimidiataMonteiro, Fernando A.; Peretolchina, Tatiana; Lazoski, Cristiano; Harris, Kecia; Dotson, Ellen M.; Abad-Franch, Fernando; Tamayo, Elsa; Pennington, Pamela M.; Monroy, Carlota; Cordon- Rosales, Celia; Salazar-Schettino, Paz Maria; Gómez-Palacio, Andrés; Grijalva, Mario J.; Beard, Charles B.; Marcet, Paula accessArticle
2010Attraction of Chagas disease vectors (Triatominae) to artificial light sources in the canopy of primary Amazon rainforestCastro, Marcelo C. M.; Barrett, Toby Vincent; Santos, Walter S.; Abad-Franch, Fernando; Rafael, José accessArticle