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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)CopyrightType
2010Importância do método de gota espessa de sangue no diagnóstico de filarias simpátricas no Amazonas, BrasilMedeiros, Jansen Fernandes; Pessoa, Felipe Arley Costa; Martins, Marilaine-Article
2007Effects of timber harvest on phlebotomine sand flies (Diptera: Psychodidae) in a production forest: abundance of species on tree trunks and prevalence of trypanosomatidsPessoa, Felipe Arley Costa; Medeiros, Jansen Fernandes; Barrett, Toby Vincent-Article
2008Cladistic analysis of the Neotropical genera Cerqueirellum Py-Daniel, 1983, Coscaroniellum Py-Daniel, 1983 and Shelleyellum Py-Daniel & Pessoa, 2005 (Diptera: Simuliidae)Pessoa, Felipe Arley Costa; Daniel, Victor Py; Velásquez, Claudia María Ríos-Article
2008A new species of Cerqueirellum Py-Daniel, 1983 (Diptera: Simuliidae) and proven new vector mansonelliasis from the Ituxi River, Amazon basin, BrazilPessoa, Felipe Arley Costa; Barbosa, Ulysses Carvalho; Medeiros, Jansen Fernandes-Article
2009Larval Ontogeny and Morphological Variations of Psaroniocompsa incrustata (Lutz) (Diptera: Simuliidae) in the State of Rio Grande do Norte, Northeastern BrazilSilva, Adriele N. B.; Andrade, Herbet Tadeu de Almeida; Velásquez, Claudia María Ríos; Pessoa, Felipe Arley Costa; Medeiros, Jansen Fernandes de-Article
2010Mansonella ozzardi in Amazonas, Brazil: prevalence and distribution in the municipality of Coari, in the middle Solimões RiverMartins, Marilaine; Pessoa, Felipe Arley Costa; Medeiros, Maurício Borborema de; Andrade, Edmar Vaz de; Medeiros, Jansen Fernandes-Article
2007Haematophagic behavior in laboratory of Lutzomyia cruzi (Mangabeira) (Diptera: Psychodidae) in relation to three mammalian blood sources in Manaus, BrazilChagas, Andrezza Campos; Medeiros, Jansen Fernandes; Justiniano, Sílvia Cássia Brandão; Pessoa, Felipe Arley Costa-Article
2014Anthropic effects on sand fly (Diptera: Psychodidae) abundance and diversity in an Amazonian rural settlement, BrazilRamos, Walkyria Rodrigues; Medeiros, Jansen Fernandes; Julião, Genimar Rebouças; Ríos-Velásquez, Claudia María; Marialva, Eric Fabrício; Desmouliére, Sylvain J M; Luz, Sérgio Luiz Bessa; Pessoa, Felipe Arley Costaopen accessArticle