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Title: Checklist of American sand flies (Diptera, Psychodidae, Phlebotominae): genera, species, and their distribution
Authors: Shimabukuro, Paloma Helena Fernandes
Andrade, Andrey José de
Galati, Eunice Aparecida Bianchi
Affilliation: Fundação Oswaldo Cruz. Centro de Pesquisas René Rachou. Centro de Referência Nacional e Internacional para Flebotomíneos. Belo Horizonte. Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil
Universidade Federal do Paraná. Curitiba, SC, Brazil
Universidade de São Paulo. São Paulo, SP, Brazil
Abstract: Phlebotomine sand flies are dipteran insects of medical importance because many species are involved in the transmission of pathogens between human and non-human animals. A total of 530 American species of sand flies is presented in an updated checklist, along with their author(s) and year of publication using the classification by Galati (1995, 2003). Distribution by country is also provided.
Keywords: Distribution
sand fly
keywords: taxonomia
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Pensoft Publishers
Citation: SHIMABUKURO, Paloma Helena Fernandes, ANDRADE, Andrey José de; GALATI, Eunice Aparecida Bianchi. Checklist of American sand flies (Diptera, Psychodidae, Phlebotominae): genera, species, and their distribution. ZooKeys, v. 660, p. 67-106, 2017
ISSN: 1313-2989
Copyright: restricted access
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