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2017Death of adrenocortical cells during murine acute T. cruzi infection is not associated with TNF-R1 signaling but mostly with the type II pathway of Fas-mediated apoptosisPérez, Ana R.; Lambertucci, Flavia; González, Florencia B.; Roggero, Eduardo A.; Bottasso, Oscar A.; Meis, Juliana de; Ronco, Maria T.; Villar, Silvina R.restricted accessArticle
2012Slowing down differentiation of engrafted human myoblasts into immunodeficient mice correlates with increased proliferation and migrationRiederer, Ingo; Negroni, Elisa; Bencze, Maximilien; Wolff, Annie; Aamiri, Ahmed; Di Santo, James P.; Barbosa, Suse D. Silva; Butler-Browne, Gillian; Savino, Wilson; Mouly, Vincentrestricted accessArticle
2016Severe feline sporotrichosis associated with an increased population of CD8low cells and a decrease in CD4⁺ cellsMiranda, Luisa H. M.; Santiago, Marta de A.; Schubach, Tânia M. P.; Morgado, Fernanda N.; Pereira, Sandro A.; Oliveira, Raquel de V. C. de; Silva, Fátima Conceiçãorestricted accessArticle
2016New synonymies among species of <i>Nitornus</i> (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Reduviidae)Gil-Santana, Hélciorestricted accessArticle
2009Giardia lamblia: a report of drug effects under cell differentiationHausen, Moema A.; Oliveira, Richard Pereira de; Gadelha, Ana Paula Rocha; Campanati, Loraine; Carvalho, Jorge José de; Carvalho, Laís de; Barbosa, Helene Santosrestricted accessArticle
2016A new species of Dohrnemesa from Brazil, with notes on the male of D. carvalhoi and on D. albuquerquei (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Reduviidae: Emesinae)Gil-Santana, Hélcio; Ferreira, Rodrigo Lopesrestricted accessArticle
2010Keratinolytic activity of Bacillus subtilis AMR using human hairMazotto, A. M.; Cedrola, S. M. Lage; Lins, U.; Rosado, A. S.; Silva, K. T.; Chaves, J. Q.; Rabinovitch, L.; Zingali, R. B.; Vermelho, A. B.restricted accessArticle
2009Altered sterol profile induced in Leishmania amazonensis by a natural dihydroxymethoxylated chalconeSantos, Eduardo Caio Torres; Santos, Maria Isabel Sampaio; Buckner, Frederick S.; Yokoyama, Kohei; Gelb, Michael; Urbina, Julio A.; Bergmann, Bartira Rossirestricted accessArticle
2008The role of corticosteroids in severe community-acquired pneumonia: a systematic reviewSalluh, Jorge I. F.; Póvoa, Pedro; Soares, Márcio; Faria Neto, Hugo Caire C.; Bozza, Fernando A.; Bozza, Patrícia accessArticle
2017Oviposition behavior of Haemagogus leucocelaenus (Diptera: culicidae), a vector of wild yellow fever in BrazilFerreira, Aline Tátila; Maia, Daniele de Aguiar; Abreu, Filipe Vieira Santos de; Rodrigues, William Costa; Alencar, Jeronimoopen accessArticle