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2017Toxoplasma gondii survey in cats from two environments of the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil by Modified Agglutination Test on sera and filter-paperBolais, Paula F.; Vignoles, Philippe; Pereira, Pamela F.; Keim, Rafael; Aroussi, Abdelkrim; Ismail, Khadja; Dardé, Marie-Laure; Amendoeira, Maria Regina; Mercier, Aurélienopen accessArticle
1992On Machadosentis travassosi n. g., n. sp. (Eoacanthocephala: Quadrigyridae) parasite of a moray Gymnothorax ocellatus in BrazilNoronha, Delyopen accessArticle
2019Neotropical wild rodents Akodon and Oligoryzomys (Cricetidae: Sigmodontinae) as important carriers of pathogenic renal Leptospira in the Atlantic forest, in BrazilVieira, Anahi S.; Di Azevedo, Maria Isabel N.; D`Andrea, Paulo Sérgio; Vilela, Roberto do Val; Lilenbaum, Walterrestricted accessArticle
2017Using Google Trends Data to Study Public Interest in Breast Cancer Screening in Brazil: Why Not a Pink February?Silva, Paulo Roberto Vasconcellos; Carvalho, Dárlinton Barbosa Feres; Trajano, Valéria; La Rocque, Lucia Rodriguez de; Sawada, Anunciata Cristina Marins Braz; Juvanhol, Leidjaira Lopesopen accessArticle
2016New records of Gerromorpha and Nepomorpha (Insecta: Hemiptera: Heteroptera) from South AmericaMoreira, F. F. F.; Rodrigues, Higor D. D.; Barbosa, Juuliana Freires; Klementová, Barbora Reduciendo; Svitok, Marekopen accessArticle
2016Nematode larvae infecting Priacanthus arenatus Cuvier, 1829 (Pisces: Teleostei) in BrazilKuraiem, Bianca P.; Knoff, Marcelo; Felizardo, Nilza N.; Gomes, Delir C.; São Clemente, Sérgio accessArticle
2015Twenty Years of Listeria in Brazil: Occurrence of Listeria Species and Listeria monocytogenes Serovars in Food Samples in Brazil between 1990 and 2012Vallim, Deyse Christina; Hofer, Cristina Barroso; Lisbôa, Rodrigo de Castro; Barbosa, André Victor; Rusak, Leonardo Alves; Reis, Cristhiane Moura Falavina dos; Hofer, Ernestoopen accessArticle
2015Antibiotic Resistance of Listeria monocytogenes Isolated from Meat-Processing Environments, Beef Products, and Clinical Cases in BrazilCamargo, Anderson Carlos; Castilho, Natalia Parma Augusto de; Silva, Danilo Augusto Lopes da; Vallim, Deyse Christina; Hofer, Ernesto; Nero, Luís Augustorestricted accessArticle
2015Phylogenetic analyses of influenza A (H1N1)pdm09 hemagglutinin gene during and after the pandemic event in BrazilResende, Paola Cristina; Motta, Fernando Couto; Born, Priscila Silva; Machado, Daniela; Caetano, Braulia Costa; Brown, David; Siqueira, Marilda Mendonçarestricted accessArticle
2015Bioconcentration and Acute Intoxication of Brazilian Freshwater Fishes by the Methyl Parathion Organophosphate PesticideSalles, João Bosco de; Lopes, Renato Matos; Salles, Cristiane M. C. de; Cassano, Vicente P. F.; Oliveira, Manildo Marcião de; Bastos, Vera L. F. Cunha; Bastos, Jayme Cunhaopen accessArticle