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2011Trypanosoma cruzi infection induces a global host cell response in cardiomyocytesManque, Patricio A.; Probst, Christian M.; Probst, Christian; Pereira, Mirian C. S.; Rampazzo, Rita C. P.; Ozaki, Luiz Shozo; Ozaki, L. Shozo; Pavoni, Daniela P.; Silva Neto, Dayse T.; Carvalho, M. Ruth; Xu, Ping; Serrano, Myrna G.; Alves, João M. P.; Meirelles, Maria de Nazareth S. L.; Goldenberg, Samuel; Krieger, Marco A.; Buck, Gregory accessArticle
2019Panstrongylus diasi Pinto & Lent, 1946 (Hemiptera, Reduviidae, Triatominae): first record in Mato Grosso, BrazilMartins, Mirian Francisca; Moraes, Sinara Cristina de; Obara, Marcos Takashi; Galvão, Cleberopen accessArticle
2009Morphological evidence suggests homoploid hybridization as a possible mode of speciation in the Triatominae (Hemiptera, Heteroptera, Reduviidae)Costa, Jane; Peterson, A. Townsend; Dujardin, Jean Pierrerestricted accessArticle
2007Domiciliation of Triatoma pseudomaculata (Corrêa e Espínola 1964) in the Jequitinhonha Valley, State of Minas GeraisAssis, Girley Francisco Machado de; Azeredo, Bernardino Vaz de Mello; Carbajal de la Fuente, Ana Laura; Diotaiuti, Liléia Gonçalves; Lana, Marta deopen accessArticle
2009Pharmacological inhibition of transforming growth factor beta signaling decreases infection and prevents heart damage in acute Chagas' diseaseWaghabi, Mariana C.; Souza, Elen M. de; Oliveira, Gabriel M. de; Keramidas, Michelle; Feige, Jean-Jacques; Araujo-Jorge, Tania C.; Bailly, Sabineopen accessArticle
2016Vector capacity of members of Triatoma brasiliensis species complex: The need to extend Chagas disease surveillance to Triatoma melanicaFolly-Ramos, Elaine; Dornak, L. L.; Orsolon, G.; Gonçalves, T. C.; Lilioso, M.; Costa, J.; Almeida, C. accessArticle
1998Onchocerciasis and Chagas' disease control: the evolution of control via applied research through changing development scenariosMolyneux, D. H.; Morel, Carlos Medicisopen accessArticle
1999Polymerase Chain Reaction Detection: New Insights into the Diagnosis of Chronic Chagas DiseaseBritto, C.; Cardoso, M. A.; Marques, P.; Fernandes, O.; Morel, Carlos Medicisopen accessArticle
1997Pcr-based diagnosis for chagas disease in Bolivian children living in a active transmission area: comparison with conventional serological and parasitological diagnosisWincker, P.; Telleria, J; Bosseno, M. F.; Cardoso, M. A.; Marques, P.; Yaksic, N.; Aznar, C.; Liegeard, P.; Hontebeyrie, M.; Noireau, F.; Morel, Carlos Medicis; Breniere, S. accessArticle
2019Repurposing strategies for Chagas disease therapy: the effect of imatinib and derivatives against Trypanosoma cruziSilva, M. R. Simões; Araújo, J. S. de; Peres, R. B.; Silva, P. B. da; Batista, M. M.; Azevedo, L. D. de; Bastos, M. M.; Bahia, M. T.; Boechat, N.; Soeiro, Maria Nazaré C.restricted accessArticle