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2017The effect of the dengue non-structural 1 protein expression over the HepG2 cell proteins in a proteomic approachRabelo, Kíssila; Trugilho, Monique R. O.; Costa, Simone M.; Pereira, Bernardo A. S.; Moreira, Otacilio C.; Ferreira, André T. S.; Carvalho, Paulo C.; Perales, Jonas; Alves, Ada M. B.restricted accessArticle
2015Characterization of Peptides from Capsicum annuum Hybrid Seeds with Inhibitory Activity Against a-Amylase, Serine Proteinases and FungiBard, Gabriela C. Vieira; Nascimento, Viviane V.; Ribeiro, Suzanna F. F.; Rodrigues, Rosana; Perales, Jonas; Ferreira, André Teixeira; Carvalho, André O.; Fernandes, Katia Valevski S.; Gomes, Valdirene M.restricted accessArticle
2013Activation of Bothrops jararaca snake venom gland and venom production: a proteomic approachLuna, Milene Schmidt; Valente, Richard Hemmi; Perales, Jonas; Vieira, Mônica Larucci; Yamanouye, Normarestricted accessArticle
2017Screening for target toxins of the antiophidic protein DM64 through a gel-based interactomics approachRocha, Surza L. G.; Ferreira, Ana G. C. Neves; Trugilho, Monique R. O.; Angulo, Yamileth; Lomonte, Bruno; Valente, Richard H.; Domont, Gilberto B.; Perales, Jonasrestricted accessArticle
2017Bothrops jararaca venom gland secretory cells in culture: Effects of noradrenaline on toxin production and secretionViana, Luciana Godoy; Valente, Richard Hemmi; Heluany, Cíntia Scucuglia; Imberg, Andreia Souza; Luna, Milene Schmidt; Perales, Jonas; Yamanouye, Normarestricted accessArticle
2016Albizia lebbeck Seed Coat Proteins Bind to Chitin and Act as a Defense against Cowpea Weevil Callosobruchus maculatusSilva, Nadia C. M.; Sá, Leonardo F. R. de; Oliveira, Eduardo A. G.; Costa, Monique N.; Ferreira, Andre T. S.; Perales, Jonas; Fernandes, Kátia V. S.; Xavier Filho, Jose; Oliveira, Antonia E. A.restricted accessArticle
2017An in-depth snake venom proteopeptidome characterization: Benchmarking Bothrops jararacaNicolau, Carolina A.; Carvalho, Paulo C.; Azevedo, Inácio L. M. Junqueira de; Ferreira, André Teixeira; Junqueira, Magno; Perales, Jonas; Ferreira, Ana Gisele C. Neves; Valente, Richard H.restricted accessArticle
2009Bothrops insularis venomics: a proteomic analysis supported by transcriptomic-generated sequence dataValente, Richard H.; Junqueira, Magno; Ferreira, Ana Gisele C. Neves; Chapeaurouge, Alex; Trugilho, Monique R. O.; León, Ileana R.; Rocha, Surza L. G.; Perales, Jonas; Múltipla autoria - ver em Notasrestricted accessArticle
2009Crotalid snake venom subproteomes unraveled by the antiophidic protein DM43Rocha, Surza L. G.; Ferreira, Ana G. C. Neves; Trugilho, Monique R. O.; Chapeaurouge, Alex; León, Ileana R.; Valente, Richard H.; Domont, Gilberto B.; Perales, Jonasrestricted accessArticle
2009Conformational plasticity of DM43, a metalloproteinase inhibitor from Didelphis marsupialis: chemical and pressure-induced equilibrium (un)folding studiesChapeaurouge, Alex; Martins, Samantha M.; Holub, Oliver; Rocha, Surza L. G.; Valente, Richard H.; Ferreira, Ana G. C. Neves; Ferreira, Sérgio T.; Domont, Gilberto B.; Perales, Jonasrestricted accessArticle