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2002Seroconversion against Lutzomyia longipalpis saliva concurrent with the development of anti-Leishmania chagasi delayed-type hypersensitivityGomes, Regis Bernardo Brandim; Brodskyn, Claudia Ida; Oliveira, Camila Indiani de; Costa, Jackson Mauricio Lopes; Miranda, José Carlos; Caldas, Arlene de Jesus Mendes; Valenzuela, Jesus G; Barral Netto, Manoel; Barral, Aldina Maria Pradoopen accessArticle
2011Structural and Topographic Dynamics of Pulmonary Histopathology and Local Cytokine Profiles in Paracoccidioides brasiliensis Conidia-Infected MiceLopera, Damaris; Naranjo, Tonny W.; Cruz, Oswaldo Gonçalves; Restrepo, Angela; Cano, Elena; Lenzi, Henrique Leonelopen accessArticle
2009Could the bug Triatoma sherlocki be vectoring Chagas disease in small mining communities in Bahia, Brazil?Almeida, C. E.; Ramos, E. Folly; Peterson, A. T.; Neiva, V. Lima; Gumiel, M.; Duarte, R.; Lima, M. M.; Locks, M.; Beltrão, M.; Costa, J.restricted accessArticle
2009Biology, diversity and strategies for the monitoring and control of triatomines - Chagas disease vectorsCosta, Jane; Lorenzo, Marceloopen accessArticle
2008Identification of Vibrio cholerae and Vibrio mimicus by multilocus sequence analysis (MLSA)Thompson, Cristiane C.; Thompson, Fabiano L.; Vicente, Ana Carolina P.restricted accessArticle
2013Two new species of Microvelia Westwood, 1834 (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Veliidae) from Colombia, with a key to Colombian speciesPadilla-Gil, Dora N; Moreira, F. F. F.restricted accessArticle
2012Proteomic profiling of the influence of iron availability on Cryptococcus gattiiCrestani, Juliana; Carvalho, Paulo Costa; Han, Xuemei; Seixas, Adriana; Broetto, Leonardo; Fischer, Juliana de Saldanha da Gama; Staats, Charley Christian; Schrank, Augusto; Yates, John R.; Vainstein, Marilene Henningrestricted accessArticle
2007Biogeography and evolution of Amazonian triatomines (Heteroptera: Reduviidae): implications for Chagas disease surveillance in humid forest ecoregionsAbad-Franch, Fernando; Monteiro, Fernando Araujoopen accessArticle
2009Burden of group A streptococcal meningitis in Salvador, Brazil: report of 11 years of population-based surveillanceSantos, Milena Soares dos; Ribeiro, Guilherme de Sousa; Oliveira, Tainara Queiroz; Santos, Renan Cardoso Nery; Gouveia, Edilane Lins; Salgado, Kátia M; Takahashi, Daniele; Fontes, Cleuber; Campos, Leila Carvalho; Reis, Mitermayer Galvão dos; Ko, Albert Icksang; Reis, Joice Nevesopen accessArticle
2017The inflammatory response triggered by Influenza virus: a two edged swordTavares, Luciana P.; Teixeira, Mauro M.; Garcia, Cristiana C.restricted accessArticle