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2016Filling gaps on ivermectin knowledge: effects on the survival and reproduction of Anopheles aquasalis, a Latin American malaria vectorSampaio, Vanderson S.; Beltrán, Tatiana P.; Kobylinski, Kevin C.; Melo, Gisely C.; Lima, José B. P.; Silva, Sara G. M.; Rodriguez, Íria C.; Silveira, Henrique; Guerra, Maria G. V. B.; Bassat, Quique; Pimenta, Paulo F. P.; Lacerda, Marcus V. G.; Monteiro, Wuelton accessArticle
2016Correlation of CD8 infiltration and expression of its checkpoint proteins PD-L1 and PD-L2 with the stage of cervical carcinomaCarvalho, Maria O. O.; Nicol, Alcina F.; Oliveira, Nathalia S.; Cunha, Cynthia B.; Amaro Filho, Sergio M.; Russomano, Fabio B.; Portari, Elizabeth A.; Nuovo, Gerard accessArticle
2009Effects of low-protein diet on Schistosoma mansoni morphology visualized by morphometry and confocal laser scanning microscopyBarros, L. A.; Neves, R. H.; Moura, E. G. de; Silva, J. R. Machadorestricted accessArticle
2014Worldwide Occurrence of Integrative Conjugative Element Encoding Multidrug Resistance Determinants in Epidemic Vibrio cholerae O1Marin, Michel A.; Fonseca, Érica L.; Andrade, Bruno N.; Cabral, Adriana C.; Vicente, Ana Carolina Pauloopen accessArticle
2014Animal Leptospirosis in Latin America and the Caribbean Countries: Reported Outbreaks and Literature Review (2002–2014)Petrakovsky, Jessica; Bianchi, Alejandra; Fisun, Helen; Pereira, Martha Mariaopen accessArticle
2014Molecular findings from influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 detected in patients from a Brazilian equatorial region during the pandemic periodOliveira, Maria José Couto; Motta, Fernando do Couto; Siqueira, Marilda Mendonça; Resende, Paola Cristina; Born, Priscilla da Silva; Souza, Thiago Moreno L; Mesquita, Milene; Oliveira, Maria de Lourdes Aguiar; Carney, Sharon; Mello, Wyller Alencar de; Magalhães, Veraopen accessArticle
2014Effects of a cyanobacterial bloom sample containin gmicrocystin-LR on the ecophysiology of Daphnia similisHerrera, Natalia; Palacio, Jaime; Echeverri, Fernando; Ferrão-Filho, Aloysioopen accessArticle
2014Polymorphisms at Residue 222 of the Hemagglutinin of Pandemic Influenza A(H1N1)pdm09: Association of Quasi-Species to Morbidity and Mortality in Different Risk CategoriesResende, Paola Cristina; Motta, Fernando C; Olliveira, Maria de Lourdes A; Gregianini, Tatiana S; Fernandes, Sandra B; Cury, Ana Luisa F; Rosa, Maria do Carmo D; Souza, Thiago Moreno L; Siqueira, Marilda Mopen accessArticle
2014Diversidade de ixodida em roedores e marsupiais capturados no Parque Estadual da Pedra Branca, Rio de Janeiro, BrasilOliveira, H. H.; Gomes, V; Amorim, M; Gazêta, G. S; Freire, N. M. Serra; Quinelato, I. P. F; Amaral, V. F. Morelli; Almeida, A. B; Carvalho, R. W; Carvalho, A. Gopen accessArticle
2014Seasonal variation in black fly (Diptera: Simuliidae) taxocenoses from the Brazilian Savannah (Tocantins, Brazil)Figueiró, Ronaldo; Herzog, Marilza Maia; Azevedo, Leonardo H. Gil; Monteiro, Ricardo Fopen accessArticle