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2006A zymographic study of metalloprotease activities in extracts and extracellular secretions of Leishmania (Viannia) braziliensis strainsCuervo, P.; Sabóia-Vahia, L.; Silva Filho, F. Costa; Fernandes, O.; Cupolillo, Elisa; Jesus, J. B. derestricted accessArticle
2018Morphophysiological changes in the splenic extracellular matrix of Leishmania infantum-naturally infected dogs is associated with alterations in lymphoid niches and the CD4+ T cell frequency in spleensSilva, Aurea Virginia Andrade; Figueiredo, Fabiano Borges; Menezes, Rodrigo Caldas; Mendes-Junior, Arthur Augusto; Miranda, Luisa Helena Monteiro de; Cupolillo, Elisa; Porrozzi, Renato; Morgado, Fernanda Nazaréopen accessArticle
2003Genetic Polymorphism and Molecular Epidemiology of Leishmania (Viannia) braziliensis from Different Hosts and Geographic Areas in BrazilCupolillo, Elisa; Brahim, Lúcia Regina; Toaldo, Cristiane B.; Oliveira Neto, Manoel Paes; Brito, Maria Edileuza Felinto de; Falqueto, Aloísio; Naiff, Maricleide de Farias; Grimaldi Jr., Gabrielopen accessArticle