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2009Feasibility, drug safety, and effectiveness of etiological treatment programs for Chagas disease in Honduras, Guatemala, and Bolivia: 10-year experience of Médecins Sans FrontièresYun, Oliver; Lima, M. Angeles; Ellman, Tom; Chambi, Wilma; Castillo, Sandra; Flevaud, Laurence; Roddy, Paul; Parreño, Fernando; Albajar Viñas, Pedro; Palma, Pedro Pabloopen accessArticle
2015The main sceneries of Chagas disease transmission. The vectors, blood and oral transmissions - A comprehensive reviewCoura, José Rodriguesopen accessArticle
2012Dynamics of Lymphocyte Populations during Trypanosoma cruzi Infection: From Thymocyte Depletion to Differential Cell Expansion/Contraction in Peripheral Lymphoid OrgansMorrot, Alexandre; Albuquerque, Juliana Barreto de; Berbert, Luiz Ricardo; Pinto, Carla Eponina de Carvalho; Meis, Juliana de; Savino, Wilsonopen accessArticle
2012Extrathymic CD4+CD8+ lymphocytes in Chagas disease: possible relationship with an immunoendocrine imbalancePérez, Ana R.; Morrot, Alexandre; Berbert, Luiz R.; Terra-Granado, Eugenia; Savino, Wilsonrestricted accessArticle
1986Double development cycle of Trypanosoma cruzi in the opossumDeane, Maria P.; Lenzi, Henrique Leonel; Jansen, Ana Mariaopen accessArticle
2011Avaliação em laboratório da atividade de voo de Rhodnius brethesi Matta, 1919, potencial vetor silvestre do Trypanosoma cruzi na Amazônia Brasileira. (Hemiptera: Reduviidae:Triatominae)Rocha, Dayse da Silva; Solano, Claudia; Cunha, Vanda; Galvão, Cleber; Jurberg, Joséopen accessArticle
2013Norfloxacin Zn(II)-based complexes: acid base ionization constant determination, DNA and albumin binding properties and the biological effect against Trypanosoma cruziGouvea, Ligiane R.; Martins, Darliane A.; Batista, Denise da Gama Jean; Soeiro, Maria de Nazaré C.; Louro, Sônia R. W.; Barbeira, Paulo J. S.; Teixeira, Letícia R.restricted accessArticle
2014All That Glisters Is Not Gold: Sampling-Process Uncertainty in Disease-Vector Surveys with False-Negative and False-Positive DetectionsAbad-Franch, Fernando; Valença-Barbosa, Carolina; Sarquis, Otília; Lima, Marli accessArticle
2009Could the bug Triatoma sherlocki be vectoring Chagas disease in small mining communities in Bahia, Brazil?Almeida, C. E.; Ramos, E. Folly; Peterson, A. T.; Neiva, V. Lima; Gumiel, M.; Duarte, R.; Lima, M. M.; Locks, M.; Beltrão, M.; Costa, J.restricted accessArticle
2009Biology, diversity and strategies for the monitoring and control of triatomines - Chagas disease vectorsCosta, Jane; Lorenzo, Marceloopen accessArticle