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2010Differential apoptosis-like cell death in amastigote and trypomastigote forms from Trypanosoma cruzi-infected heart cells in vitroSouza, E. M. de; Nefertiti, A. S. G.; Bailly, C.; Lansiaux, A.; Soeiro, Maria Nazaré C.restricted accessArticle
2009Role of early lectin pathway activation in the complement-mediated killing of Trypanosoma cruziCestari, Igor dos S.; Krarup, Anders; Sim, Robert B.; Inal, Jameel M.; Ramirez, Marcel I.restricted accessArticle
2009Trypanosoma cruzi in Brazilian Amazonia: Lineages TCI and TCIIa in wild primates, Rhodnius spp. and in humans with Chagas disease associated with oral transmissionMarcili, Arlei; Valente, Vera C.; Valente, Sebastião A.; Junqueira, Angela C. V.; Silva, Flávia Maia da; Pinto, Ana Yecê das Neves; Naiff, Roberto D.; Campaner, Marta; Coura, José Rodrigues; Camargo, Erney P.; Miles, Michael A.; Teixeira, Marta M. G.restricted accessArticle
2009The effects on Trypanosoma cruzi of novel synthetic naphthoquinones are mediated by mitochondrial dysfunctionMenna-Barreto, Rubem F. S.; Goncalves, Renata L. S.; Costa, Elaine M.; Silva, Raphael S. F.; Pinto, Antonio V; Oliveira, Marcus F.; Castro, Solange L. derestricted accessArticle
2009Trypanosoma cruzi: in vitro activity of Epoxy-alpha-Lap, a derivative of alpha-lapachone, on trypomastigote and amastigote formsBourguignon, S. C.; Faria Neto, Hugo Castro C.; Santos, D. O.; Alves, C. R.; Ferreira, V. F.; Gama, I. L.; Silva, F. C.; Seguins, W. S.; Pinho, R. T.restricted accessArticle
2005Anti-proliferative synergy of lysophospholipid analogues and ketoconazole against Trypanosoma cruzi (Kinetoplastida: Trypanosomatidae): cellular and ultrastructural analysisSanta-Rita, Ricardo M.; Lira, Renee; Barbosa, Helene Santos; Urbina, Julio A.; Castro, Solange L. deopen accessArticle
2009Trypanosoma cruzi: activity of heterocyclic cationic molecules in vitroPacheco, Michele Gabriele de Oliveira; Silva, Cristiane França da; Souza, Elen Mello de; Batista, Marcos Meuser; Silva, Patrícia Bernardino da; Kumar, Arvind; Stephens, Chad E.; Boykin, David W.; Soeiro, Maria de Nazaré C.restricted accessArticle
2010Interactions between intestinal compounds of triatomines and Trypanosoma cruziGarcia, Eloi S.; Genta, Fernando A.; Azambuja, Patricia de; Schaub, Günter A.restricted accessArticle
2009Experimental chemotherapy for Chagas disease: 15 years of research contributions from in vivo and in vitro studiesSoeiro, Maria Nazaré C.; Dantas, Andréia P.; Daliry, Anissa; Silva, Cristiane F. da; Batista, Denise G. J.; Souza, Elen M. de; Oliveira, Gabriel M.; Salomão, Kelly; Batista, Marcos Meuser; Pacheco, Michelle G. O.; Silva, Patrícia Bernardino da; Santa Rita, Ricardo M.; Menna Barreto, Rubem F. S.; Boykin, David W.; Castro, Solange Lisboa deopen accessArticle
2009Trypanosoma cruzi targets for new chemotherapeutic approachesSoeiro, Maria Nazaré C.; Castro, Solange L. derestricted accessArticle