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2015Napping during the night shift and recovery after work among hospital nursesPalermo, Thais Aparecida de Castro; Rotenberg, Lúcia; Zeitoune, Regina Célia Gollner; Costa, Aline Silva; Souto, Ester Paiva; Griep, Rosane Härteropen accessArticle
2015Gender-specific association between night-work exposure and type-2 diabetes: results from longitudinal study of adult health, ELSA-BrasilCosta, Aline Silva; Rotenberg, Lúcia; Nobre, Aline Araújo; Schmidt, Maria Inês; Chor, Dora; Griep, Rosane Härteropen accessArticle
2011Long-term deleterious effects of night work on sleepRotenberg, Lúcia; Costa, Aline Silva; Diniz, Thiago Bernardes; Griep, Rosane Härterrestricted accessArticle
2014Years worked at night and body mass index among registered nurses from eighteen public hospitals in Rio de Janeiro, BrazilGriep, Rosane Härter; Bastos, Leonardo S; Fonseca, Maria de Jesus Mendes da; Costa, Aline Silva; Portela, Luciana Fernandes; Toivanen, Susanna; Rotenberg, Lúciaopen accessArticle
2015Job strain and self-reported insomnia symptoms among nurses: what about the influence of emotional demands and social support?Portela, Luciana Fernandes; Luna, Caroline Kröning; Rotenberg, Lúcia; Costa, Aline Silva; Toivanen, Susanna; Araújo, Tania; Griep, Rosane Härteropen accessArticle
2016Work schedule and self-reported hypertension: the potential beneficial role of on-shift naps for night workersRotenberg, Lúcia; Costa, Aline Silva; Silva, Paulo Roberto Vasconcellos; Griep, Rosane Härterrestricted accessArticle
2014Mental health and poor recovery in female nursing workers: a contribution to the study of gender inequitiesRotenberg, Lúcia; Costa, Aline Silva; Griep, Rosane Härteropen accessArticle
2012Minor psychiatric disorders among nursing workers--is there an association with current or former night work?Diniz, Thiago Bernardes; Costa, Aline Silva; Griep, Rosane Härter; Rotenberg, Lúciaopen accessArticle
2012Need for recovery from work and sleep-related complaints among nursing professionalsCosta, Aline Silva; Griep, Rosane Härter; Fischer, Frida Marina; Rotenberg, Lúciaopen accessArticle
2015Associations of a Short Sleep Duration, Insufficient Sleep, and Insomnia with SelfRated Health among NursesCosta, Aline Silva; Griep, Rosane Härter; Rotenberg, Lúciaopen accessArticle