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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)CopyrightType
2017Interruption of persistent exposure to leprosy combined or not with recent BCG vaccination enhances the response to Mycobacterium leprae specific antigensCarvalho, Fernanda Marques de; Rodrigues, Luciana Silva; Duppre, Nádia Cristina; Alvim, Iris Maria Peixoto; Alves, Marcelo Ribeiro; Pinheiro, Roberta Olmo; Sarno, Euzenir Nunes; Pessolani, Maria Cristina Vidal; Pereira, Geraldo Moura Batistaopen accessArticle
2009Heparin-binding hemagglutinin (HBHA) of Mycobacterium leprae is expressed during infection and enhances bacterial adherence to epithelial cellsLima, Cristiana Soares de; Marques, Maria A. M.; Debrie, Anne-Sophie; Almeida, Elza C. C.; Silva, Carlos A. M.; Brennan, Patrick J.; Sarno, Euzenir Nunes; Menozzi, Franco D.; Pessolani, Maria Cristina V.restricted accessArticle
2018Phylogenomics and antimicrobial resistance of the leprosy bacillus Mycobacterium lepraeFontes, Amanda N. Brum; Nery, José A. C.; Moraes, Milton O.; Sarno, Euzenir Nunes; Penna, Gerson accessArticle