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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)CopyrightType
1990Identificação de roedores silvestres como hospedeiros do Angiostrongylus costaricensis no sul do BrasilTeixeira, Carlos Graeff; Pires, Fernando Dias de Avila; Machado, Rita de Cássia C.; Coura, Lea Ferreira Camillo; Lenzi, Henrique Leonelopen accessArticle
1990Population hetereogeneity among clones of New World Leishmania speciesPacheco, R. S.; Crimaldi Jr, G.; Momen, H.; Morel, Carlos Medicisrestricted accessArticle
1990Schizodeme analysis of Trypanosoma cruzi stocks from South and Central America by analysis of PCR-amplified minicircle variable region sequencesAvila, Herbert; Gonçalves, Antonio M.; Nehme, Nedia Saad; Morel, Carlos Medicis; Simpson, Larryopen accessArticle
1990Changes in the isoenzyme and kinetoplast DNA patterns of Trypanosoma cruzi strains induced by maintenance in miceCarneiro, Mariângela; Chiari, E.; Gonçalves, A. M.; Silva, A. A. da; Morel, Carlos Medicis; Romanha, A. accessArticle
1990An improved silver staining procedure for schizodeme analysis in polyacrylamide gradient gelsGonçalves, Antonio M.; Nehme, Nedia S.; Morel, Carlos Medicisopen accessArticle