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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)CopyrightType
1996Report of the First Brazilian Symposium on Basic Research in HIV/AIDSCastro Filho, Bernardo Galvão; Branco, Luiz Roberto Ribeiro Castelo; Morgado, Mariza Gonçalves; Bongertz, Veraopen accessArticle
1996Histopathological study of experimental and natural infections by Trypanosoma cruzi in Didelphis marsupialisCarreira, João Carlos Araujo; Jansen, Ana Maria; Deane, Maria P.; Lenzi, Henrique Leonelopen accessArticle
1996Characterization of two isolates of Trypanosoma cruzi obtained from the patient Berenice, the first human case of Chagas’ disease described by Carlos Chagas in 1909Lana, Marta de; Chiari, Clea A.; Chiari, Egler; Morel, Carlos Medicis; Gonçalves, Antonio M.; Romanha, Álvaro accessArticle
1996Trypanosoma cruzi:Paninfectivity of CL Strain during Murine Acute InfectionLenzi, Henrique Leonel; Oliveira, Denise N.; Lima, Morgana T.; Gattass, Cerli Rochaopen accessArticle
1996Neutrophil oxidative metabolism and killing of P. brasiliensis after air pouch infection of susceptible and resistant miceMeloni-Bruneri, L. H.; Campa, A.; Abdalla, D. S.; Calich, Vera Lucia G.; Lenzi, Henrique Leonel; Burger, Evaopen accessArticle
1996Experimental paleoparasitology: identification of Trypanosoma cruzi DNA in desiccated mouse tissueBastos, O. M.; Araújo, A.; Ferreira, L. F.; Santoro, A.; Winckler, P.; Morel, Carlos Medicisopen accessArticle
1996Neutralization of primary HIV-1 isolated from individuals residing in Rio de JaneiroBongertz, Vera; Costa, C. I.; Grinsztejn, Beatriz; Pilotto, José H. P.; João Filho, Esaú; Morgado, Marisa; HEC/FIOCRUZ AIDS Clinical Research Groupopen accessArticle