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2012Eco-epidemiology of Chagas disease in northeastern Brazil: Triatoma brasiliensis, T. pseudomaculata and Rhodnius nasutus in the sylvatic, peridomestic and domestic environmentsSarquis, Otília; Costa, Filipe Anibal Carvalho; Toma, Helena Keiko; Georg, Ingebourg; Burgoa, Marcelo R.; Lima, Marli Mariarestricted accessArticle
2015Chagas disease and housing improvement in northeastern Brazil: a cross-sectional surveyLima, Marli M.; Costa, Filipe A. Carvalho; Toma, Helena K.; Pereira, José Borges; Oliveira, Tiago Guedes de; Sarquis, Otíliarestricted accessArticle
2006Aspects of peridomiciliary ecotopes in rural areas of northeastern Brazil associated to triatomine (Hemiptera, Reduviidae) infestation, vectors of chagas diseaseSarquis, Otília; Sposina, Ricardo; Oliveira, Tiago Guedes de; Mac Cord, José Roberto; Cabello, Pedro Hernan; Pereira, José Borges; Lima, Marli Mariaopen accessArticle
2008Epidemiologia da doença de Chagas em quatro localidades rurais de Jaguaruana, Estado do Ceará. Soroprevalência da infecção, parasitemia e aspectos clínicosPereira, José Borges; Sarquis, Otília; Zauza, Patrícia Lago; Britto, Constança; Lima, Marli Mariaopen accessArticle
2015Autochthonous transmission of Chagas disease in Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil: a clinical and eco-epidemiological studySangenis, Luiz Henrique Conde; Saraiva, Roberto Magalhães; Georg, Ingebourg; Castro, Liane de; LIma, Valdirene dos Santos; Roque, André Luiz R.; Xavier, Samanta Cristina das Chagas; Santos, Laura Cristina; Fernandes, Fabiano A.; Sarquis, Otília; Lima, Marli Maria; Costa, Filipe Anibal Carvalho; Bóia, Márcio Nevesopen accessArticle
2012Investigation of Chagas disease in four periurban areas in northeastern Brazil: epidemiologic survey in man, vectors, non-human hosts and reservoirsLima, Marli M.; Sarquis, Otília; Oliveira, Tiago Guedes de; Gomes, Taís F.; Coutinho, Carolina; Teixeira, Natália F. Dalton; Toma, Helena K.; Britto, Constança; Teixeira, Bernardo R.; D'Andrea, Paulo S.; Jansen, Ana M.; Bóia, Marcio N.; Costa, Filipe A. Carvalhorestricted accessArticle
2008Risk Presented by Copernicia prunifera Palm Trees in the Rhodnius nasutus Distribution in a Chagas Disease-endemic Area of the Brazilian NortheastLima, Marli L.; Coutinho, Carolina F. S.; Gomes, Taís F.; Oliveira, Tiago G.; Duarte, Rosemere; Pereira, José Borges; Bóia, Márcio N.; Sarquis, Otíliaopen accessArticle
2010Developmental and reproductive patterns of Triatoma brasiliensis infected with Trypanosoma cruzi under laboratory conditionsOliveira, Tiago G.; Costa, Filipe A. Carvalho; Gomes, Taís F.; Sarquis, Otília; Sposina, Ricardo; Lima, Marli accessArticle
2015Molecular Identification of Food Sources in Triatomines in the Brazilian Northeast: Roles of Goats and Rodents in Chagas Disease EpidemiologyBarbosa, Carolina Valença; Fernandes, Fabiano Araújo; Santos, Helena Lucia Carneiro; Sarquis, Otília; Harry, Myriam; Almeida, Carlos Eduardo; Lima, Marli Mariarestricted accessArticle
2014All That Glisters Is Not Gold: Sampling-Process Uncertainty in Disease-Vector Surveys with False-Negative and False-Positive DetectionsAbad-Franch, Fernando; Valença-Barbosa, Carolina; Sarquis, Otília; Lima, Marli accessArticle