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2019Sexually transmitted infections among HIV-infected and HIV-uninfected women in the Tapajós region, Amazon, Brazil: Self-collected vs. clinician-collected samplesRodrigues, Luana L. S.; Hardick, Justin; Nicol, Alcina F.; Morgado, Mariza G.; Martinelli, Katrini G.; Paula, Vanessa S. de; Pilotto, José H.; Gaydos, Charlotte accessArticle
2011Longitudinal analysis of HIV-1 BF1 recombinant strains in vertically infected children from Argentina reveals a decrease in CRF12_BF pol gene mosaic patterns and high diversity of BF unique recombinant formsAulicino, Paula C.; Bello, Gonzalo; Guimaraes, Monick L.; Ruchansky, Dora; Rocco, Carlos; Mangano, Andrea; Morgado, Mariza G.; Sen, Luisarestricted accessArticle
2011HIV-1 genetic diversity and drug resistance among treatment naïve patients from Southern Brazil: an association of HIV-1 subtypes with exposure categoriesGräf, Tiago; Passaes, Caroline P. B.; Ferreira, Luis G. E.; Grisard, Edmundo C.; Morgado, Mariza G.; Bello, Gonzalo; Pinto, Aguinaldo R.restricted accessArticle
2011Maternal outcomes after HAART for the prevention of mother-to-child transmission in HIV-infected women in BrazilPilotto, Jose H.; Velasque, Luciane S.; Friedman, Ruth K.; Moreira, Ronaldo I.; Veloso, Valdilea G.; Grinsztejn, Beatriz; Morgado, Mariza G.; Watts, D. Heather; Currier, Judith S.; Hoffman, Risa M.restricted accessArticle
2012Evidence of multiple introductions of HIV-1 subtype C in AngolaAfonso, Joana Morais; Morgado, Mariza G.; Bello, Gonzalorestricted accessArticle
2012The HIV-1 epidemic in Bolivia is dominated by subtype B and CRF12_BF “family” strainsGuimarães, Monick L.; Velarde-Dunois, Ketty G.; Segurondo, David; Morgado, Mariza accessArticle
2012Temporal dynamics of HIV-1 circulating subtypes in distinct exposure categories in southern BrazilAlmeida, Sabrina E. M.; Medeiros, Rubia M. de; Junqueira, Dennis M.; Gräf, Tiago; Passaes, Caroline P. B.; Bello, Gonzalo; Morgado, Mariza G.; Guimarães, Monick accessArticle
2012H1N1pdm09 Adjuvanted Vaccination in HIV-Infected Adults: A Randomized Trial of Two Single versus Two Double DosesOliveira, Marília Santini; Camacho, Luiz A. B.; Souza, Thiago M. L.; Luz, Paula M.; Vasconcellos, Mauricio T. L.; Gripp, Carmem B. W. Giacoia; Morgado, Mariza G.; Nunes, Estevão P.; Lemos, Alberto S.; Ferreira, Ana C. G.; Moreira, Ronaldo I.; Veloso, Valdiléa G.; Siqueira, Marilda M.; Grinsztejn, Beatrizopen accessArticle
2012Phylodynamics of HIV-1 subtype F1 in Angola, Brazil and RomaniaBello, Gonzalo; Afonso, Joana Morais; Morgado, Mariza G.restricted accessArticle
2012HIV-1 Genetic Diversity and Transmitted Drug Resistance Mutations among Patients from the North, Central and South Regions of AngolaAfonso, Joana Morais; Bello, Gonzalo; Guimarães, Monick L.; Sojka, Marta; Morgado, Mariza accessArticle