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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)CopyrightType
2011Structural and Topographic Dynamics of Pulmonary Histopathology and Local Cytokine Profiles in Paracoccidioides brasiliensis Conidia-Infected MiceLopera, Damaris; Naranjo, Tonny W.; Cruz, Oswaldo Gonçalves; Restrepo, Angela; Cano, Elena; Lenzi, Henrique Leonelopen accessArticle
1996Neutrophil oxidative metabolism and killing of P. brasiliensis after air pouch infection of susceptible and resistant miceMeloni-Bruneri, L. H.; Campa, A.; Abdalla, D. S.; Calich, Vera Lucia G.; Lenzi, Henrique Leonel; Burger, Evaopen accessArticle
2010Pulmonary abnormalities in mice with paracoccidioidomycosis: a sequential study comparing high resolution computed tomography and pathologic findingsLopera, Damaris; Naranjo, Tonny W.; Hidalgo, José Miguel; Pascarelli, Bernardo Miguel de Oliveira; Patiño, Jairo Hernando; Lenzi, Henrique Leonel; Restrepo, Angela; Cano, Luz Elenaopen accessArticle
1999Influence of the genetic background on the pattern of lesions developed by resistant and susceptible mice infected with Paracoccidioides brasiliensis.Xidieh, Cynthia F.; Lenzi, Henrique Leonel; Calich, Vera Lucia G.; Burger, Evaopen accessArticle
2006Binding of extracellular matrix proteins to Paracoccidioides brasiliensisGiannini, Maria José Soares Mendes; Andreotti, Patrícia Ferrari; Vincenzi, Luciana Raquel; Silva, Juliana Leal Monteiro da; Lenzi, Henrique Leonel; Benard, Gil; Oliveira, Roseli Zancopé; Guedes, Herbert Leonel de Matos; Soares, Christiane Piennaopen accessArticle
2015Pentoxifylline immunomodulation in the treatment of experimental chronic pulmonary paracoccidioidomycosisLopera, Damaris Elena; Naranjo, Tonny Williams; Hidalgo, José Miguel; Echeverri, Laura; Patiño, Jairo Hernando; Moreno, Àngela Restrepo; Lenzi, Henrique Leonel; Cano, Luz Elenaopen accessArticle