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2009Morphological evidence suggests homoploid hybridization as a possible mode of speciation in the Triatominae (Hemiptera, Heteroptera, Reduviidae)Costa, Jane; Peterson, A. Townsend; Dujardin, Jean Pierrerestricted accessArticle
2013Triatoma jatai sp. nov. in the state of Tocantins, Brazil (Hemiptera: Reduviidae: Triatominae)Gonçalves, Teresa Cristina Monte; Neves, Simone Caldas Teves; Santos-Mallet, Jacenir R.; Carbajal-de-la-Fuente, Ana Laura; Lopes, Catarina Macedoopen accessArticle
2014Distributional potential of the Triatoma brasiliensis species complex at present and under scenarios of future climate conditionsCosta, Jane; Dornak, L. Lynnette; Almeida, Carlos Eduardo; Peterson, A. Townsendopen accessArticle
2008Descrição de ovos e estádios ninfais de Triatoma carcavalloi (Hemiptera, Reduviidae) por meio de microscopia ópticaJurberg, José; Galvão, Cleber; Santos, Carolina M. dos; Rangel, Morgana B. accessArticle
2013Metabolic Signatures of Triatomine Vectors of Trypanosoma cruzi Unveiled by MetabolomicsAntunes, Luis Caetano M.; Han, Jun; Pan, Jingxi; Moreira, Carlos J. C.; Azambuja, Patrícia; Borchers, Christoph H.; Carels, Nicolasopen accessArticle
2016Geological Changes of the Americas and their Influence on the Diversification of the Neotropical Kissing Bugs (Hemiptera: Reduviidae: Triatominae)Justi, Silvia A.; Galvão, Cleber; Schrago, Carlos accessArticle
2012Investigation of Chagas disease in four periurban areas in northeastern Brazil: epidemiologic survey in man, vectors, non-human hosts and reservoirsLima, Marli M.; Sarquis, Otília; Oliveira, Tiago Guedes de; Gomes, Taís F.; Coutinho, Carolina; Teixeira, Natália F. Dalton; Toma, Helena K.; Britto, Constança; Teixeira, Bernardo R.; D'Andrea, Paulo S.; Jansen, Ana M.; Bóia, Marcio N.; Costa, Filipe A. Carvalhorestricted accessArticle
2012Morphology of reproductive accessory glands in eight species of blood-feeding Hemiptera (Hemiptera, Reduviidae) insect vectors of Chagas diseaseChiang, R. G.; Chiang, J. A.; Sarquis, O.; Lima, M. M.restricted accessArticle
2012Cultivation-independent methods reveal differences among bacterial gut microbiota in triatomine vectors of Chagas diseaseMota, Fabio Faria da; Marinho, Lourena Pinheiro; Moreira, Carlos José de Carvalho; Lima, Marli Maria; Mello, Cícero Brasileiro; Garcia, Eloi Souza; Carels, Nicolas; Azambuja, Patriciaopen accessArticle
2017The Evolutionary Origin of Diversity in Chagas Disease VectorsJusti, Silvia A.; Galvão, Cleberrestricted accessArticle