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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)CopyrightType
2018The Repetitive Element RLEP Is a Highly Specific Target for Detection of Mycobacterium lepraeBraet, S.; Vandelannoote, K.; Meehan, C. J.; Fontes, A. N. Brum; Hasker, E.; Rosa, P. S.; Silva, N. Lucena; Rigouts, L.; Suffys, P. N.; Jong, B. C. deopen accessArticle
2019Quantitative polymerase chain reaction in paucibacillary leprosy diagnosis: A follow-up studyBarbieri, Raquel R.; Manta, Fernanda S. N.; Moreira, Suelen J. M.; Sales, Anna M.; Nery, José A. C.; Nascimento, Lilian P. R.; Hacker, Mariana A.; Pacheco, Antônio G.; Machado, Alice M.; Sarno, Euzenir M.; Moraes, Milton accessArticle
2013Primary neural leprosy: systematic reviewGarbino, José Antonio; Marques Jr, Wilson; Barreto, Jaison Antonio; Heise, Carlos Otto; Rodrigues, Márcia Maria Jardim; Antunes, Sérgio L.; Soares, Cleverson Teixeira; Floriano, Marcos Cesar; Nery, José Augusto; Trindade, Maria Angela Bianconcini; Carvalho, Noêmia Barbosa; Andrada, Nathália Carvalho de; Barreira, Amilton Antunes; Virmond, Marcos da Cunha Lopesopen accessArticle
2014An Attempt to Improve Pure Neural Leprosy Diagnosis Using Immunohistochemistry Tests in Peripheral Nerve Biopsy SpecimensMedeiros, Mildred Ferreira; Jardim, Márcia Rodrigues; Vital, Robson Teixeira; Nery, José Augusto da Costa; Sales, Anna Maria; Moraes, Milton Ozorio de; Chimelli, Leila Maria; Pessolani, Maria Cristina Vidal; Ferreira, Helen; Sarno, Euzenir Nunes; Antunes, Sérgio Luiz Gomesrestricted accessArticle
2012Histopathological examination of nerve samples from pure neural leprosy patients: obtaining maximum information to improve diagnostic efficiencyAntunes, Sérgio Luiz Gomes; Chimelli, Leila; Jardim, Márcia Rodrigues; Vital, Robson Teixeira; Nery, José Augusto da Costa; Corte-Real, Suzana; Hacker, Mariana Andréa Vilas Boas; Sarno, Euzenir Nunesopen accessArticle
2012New biomarkers with relevance to leprosy diagnosis applicable in areas hyperendemic for leprosyGeluk, Annemieke; Bobosha, Kidist; van der Ploeg-van Schip, Jolien J.; Spencer, John S.; Banu, Sayera; Martins, Marcia V. S. B.; Cho, Sang-Nae; Franken, Kees L. M. C.; Kim, Hee Jin; Bekele, Yonas; Uddin, Mohammad K. M.; Hadi, Sheikh Abdul; Aseffa, Abraham; Pessolani, Maria C. V.; Pereira, Geraldo M. B.; Dockrell, Hazel M.; Ottenhoff, Tom H. accessArticle
2001Detection of Mycobacterium leprae DNA by Polymerase Chain Reaction in the Blood of Individuals, Eight Years after Completion of Anti-leprosy TherapySantos, Adalberto Rezende; Balassiano, Vivian; Oliveira, Maria Leide W.; Pereira, Marcia Aparecida da Silva; Santos, Patricia Barros; Degrave, Wim M.; Suffys, Philip Noelopen accessArticle