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dc.contributor.authorCosta, Jane
dc.contributor.authorLorenzo, Marcelo
dc.identifier.citationCOSTA, Jane; LORENZO, Marcelo. Biology, diversity and strategies for the monitoring and control of triatomines - Chagas disease vectors. Mem Inst Oswaldo Cruz, v.104, Suppl. I, p.46-51, 2009.
dc.publisherFundação Oswaldo Cruz. Instituto Oswaldo Cruz
dc.rightsopen access
dc.subject.otherDoença de Chagas
dc.subject.otherEspécies silvestres
dc.subject.otherEstratégias de controle
dc.titleBiology, diversity and strategies for the monitoring and control of triatomines - Chagas disease vectors
dc.description.abstractenDespite the relevant achievements in the control of the main Chagas disease vectors Triatoma infestans and Rhodnius prolixus, several factors still promote the risk of infection. The disease is a real threat to the poor rural regions of several countries in Latin America. The current situation in Brazil requires renewed attention due to its high diversity of triatomine species and to the rapid and drastic environmental changes that are occurring. Using the biology, behaviour and diversity of triatomines as a basis for new strategies for monitoring and controlling the vectorial transmission are discussed here. The importance of ongoing long-term monitoring activities for house infestations by T. infestans, Triatoma brasiliensis, Panstrongylus megistus, Triatoma rubrovaria and R. prolixus is also stressed, as well as understanding the invasion by sylvatic species. Moreover, the insecticide resistance is analysed. Strong efforts to sustain and improve surveillance procedures are crucial, especially when the vectorial transmission is considered interrupted in many endemic areas.
dc.creator.affilliationFundação Oswaldo Cruz. Instituto Oswaldo Cruz. Laboratório de Biodiversidade Entomológica. Rio de Janeiro, RJ. Brasil.
dc.creator.affilliationFundação Oswaldo Cruz. Instituto de Pesquisas René Rachou. Laboratório de Triatomíneos e Epidemiologia da Doença de Chagas. Belo Horizonte, MG, Brasil.
dc.subject.ensylvatic species
dc.subject.encontrol strategies
dc.subject.enChagas disease
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