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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)CopyrightType
2011Schistosoma mansoni: a method for inducing resistance to praziquantel using infected Biompharia glabrata snails.Couto, Flávia Fernanda Bubula; Coelho, Paulo Marcos Zech; Pereira, Neusa Araújo; Kusel, John Robert; Katz, Naftale; Passos, Liana konovaloff Jannotti; Mattos, Ana Carolina Alves deopen accessArticle
2006Responses of the surface membrane and excretory system of Schistosoma mansoni to damage and to treatment with praziquantel and other biomoleculesOliveira, Fabricia Alvisi de; Kusel, John Robert; Ribeiro, Fabio; Coelho, Paulo Marcos Zachrestricted accessArticle
2006The effects of drugs, ions, and poly-l-lysine on the excretory system of Schistosoma mansoniKusel, John Robert; Oliveira, Fabricia Alvisi de; Todd, M.; Ronketti, F.; Lima, Symone Fulgêncio; Mattos, Ana Carolina Alves de; Reis, Katia Teixeira dos; Coelho, Paulo Marcos Zach; Thornhill, Joyceopen accessArticle
2012Targeting schistosome histone modifying enzymes for drug developmentPierce, Raymond John; Abdesselem, Florence Dubois; Lancelot, Julien; Macedo, Luiza Freire de Andrade e; Oliveira, Guilherme Correa derestricted accessArticle
2013Schistogram changes after administration of antischistosomal drugs in mice at the early phase of Schistosoma mansoni infection.Vimieiro, Andréa Cássia Simões; Araújo, Neusa; Katz, Naftale; Kusel, John Robert; Coelho, Paulo Marcos Zechopen accessArticle