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2012Cutaneous disseminated sporotrichosis complicated by osteomyelitisEustace, Karen E.; Sampaio, Felipe M. S.; Lyra, Marcelo R.; Quintella, Leonardo; Valle, Antonio C. F. doopen accessLetter
2012Sweet syndrome associated with sporotrichosisFreitas, D. F. S.; Valle, A. C. F.; Cuzzi, T.; Brandão, L. G. P.; Zancopé-Oliveira, R. M.; Gutierrez-Galhardo, M. C. G.restricted accessLetter
2018Refractory feline sporotrichosis treated with itraconazole combined with potassium iodideRocha, R. F. D. B. da; Schubach, T. M. P.; Pereira, S. A.; Reis, E. G. dos; Carvalho, B. W.; Gremião, I. D. F.restricted accessLetter
2011Sporotrichosis caused by Sporothrix mexicana, PortugalDias, Nicolina Marques; Oliveira, Manoel Marques Evangelista; Portela, Manuel Azevedo; Santos, Cledir; Zancopé-Oliveira, Rosely Maria; Lima, Nelsonopen accessLetter
2016When to resume anticoagulation after acute gastrointestinal bleeding?Veloso, Henrique Hortarestricted accessLetter
2016Comment on "Sedative and analgesic effects of entonox gas compared with midazolam and fentanyl in synchronized cardioversion"Veloso, Henrique Hortaopen accessLetter
2016Anticoagulation for atrial fibrillation after resolution of dengue haemorrhagic feverVeloso, Henrique Hortaopen accessLetter
2016Acne keloidalis nuchae in renal transplant patients receiving tacrolimus and sirolimusPirmez, Rodrigo; Price, Vera H.; Cuzzi, Tullia; Trope, Beatriz Moritzrestricted accessLetter
2016Why should we abort the expression 'aborted sudden death'Veloso, Henrique Hortarestricted accessLetter
2016Inappropriate shocks of implantable cardioverter-defibrillator during central venous access: a preventable complicationVeloso, Henrique Horta; Chaves, Jefferson Cavalcanti; Jazbik Sobrinho, Joserestricted accessLetter