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2008Not in front of the children! The controversies of science and science communication for children and youthMassarani, Luisarestricted accessArticle
2018Farmers prevailing perception profiles regarding GM crops: A classification proposalAlmeida, Carla; Massarani, Luisarestricted accessArticle
2012Periodismo científico: reflexiones sobre la práctica en América LatinaMassarani, Luisa; Amorim, Luís; Bauer, Martin W.; Oca, Acianela Montes derestricted accessArticle
2015RedPOP: 25 years of a science communication network in Latin AmericaMassarani, Luisa; Aguirre, Claudia; Pedersoli, Constanza; Reynoso, Elaine; Lindegaard, Luz Marinarestricted accessArticle
2015Explainers of science centres and museums: a study on these stakeholders in the mediation between science and the public in BrazilCarlétti, Chrystian; Massarani, Luisarestricted accessArticle
2010Pandemic on the air: a case study on the coverage of new influenza A/H1N1 by Brazilian prime time TV newsMedeiros, Flavia Natércia da Silva; Massarani, Luisarestricted accessArticle
2006(En)canto científico: temas de ciência em letras da música popular brasileiraMoreira, Ildeu de Castro; Massarani, Luisaopen accessArticle
2013Developing world and science communication researchMassarani, Luisarestricted accessArticle
2018Rethinking Social Amplification of Risk: Social Media and Zika in Three LanguagesWirz, Christopher D; Xenos, Michael A; Brossard, Dominique; Scheufele, Dietram; Chung, Jennifer H; Massarani, Luisaopen accessArticle
2016Science Communication Postgraduate Studies in Latin America: a map and some food for thoughtMassarani, Luisa; Reynoso, Elaine; Murrielo, Sandra; Castillo, Ayelenrestricted accessArticle