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2013As opiniões dos brasileiros sobre ciência e tecnologia: o ‘paradoxo’ da relação entre informação e atitudesCastelfranchi, Yurij; Vilela, Elaine Meire; Lima, Luciana Barreto de; Moreira, Ildeu de Castro; Massarani, Luisaopen accessArticle
2008Not in front of the children! The controversies of science and science communication for children and youthMassarani, Luisarestricted accessArticle
2008Science journalism in Latin America: how the scientific information from a scientific source is accommodated when it is transformed into a journalistic storyVeneu, Fernanda; Amorim, Luis Henrique; Massarani, Luisarestricted accessArticle
2013Um raio X dos jornalistas de ciência: há uma nova “onda” no jornalismo científico no Brasil?Massarani, Luisa; Bauer, Martin W.; Amorim, Luísrestricted accessArticle
2008Divulgação científica: considerações sobre o presente momentoMassarani, Luisarestricted accessArticle
2005Attitudes towards genetics: a case study among Brazilian high school studentsMassarani, Luisa; Moreira, Ildeu de Castrorestricted accessArticle
2015Perceptions of Brazilian small-scale farmers about genetically modified cropsAlmeida, Carla; Massarani, Luisa; Moreira, Ildeu de Castroopen accessArticle
2015RedPOP: 25 years of a Science Communication Network in Latin AmericaMassarani, Luisa; Aguirre, Claudia; Pedersoli, Constanza; Reynoso, Elaine; Luz Marina Lindegaard, Luz Marinarestricted accessArticle
2016Science Communication Postgraduate Studies in Latin America: a map and some food for thoughtMassarani, Luisa; Reynoso, Elaine; Murrielo, Sandra; Castillo, Ayelenrestricted accessArticle
2016Science communication in Brazil: A historical review and considerations about the current situationMassarani, Luisa; Moreira, Ildeu de Castroopen accessArticle